Under the Hoodie

Web applications are enticing targets for attackers—don’t let them be your blind spot.

In “Under the Hoodie: Lessons from a Season of Penetration Testing,” we demystify the art of penetration testing by revealing the processes, techniques, and tools that go into it.

This time around, we uncovered that Rapid7 penetration testers captured at least one credential in 53% of their engagements. A common entry point to capture these credentials? You guessed it—web apps.

Enter: InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec, Rapid7’s application security solution, leverages the power of our dynamic application security testing (DAST) engine to keep you protected in the modern web. InsightAppSec utilizes the power of the Insight platform to provide full visibility of your modern ecosystem—including modern web apps and APIs, collaborate seamlessly with development, and scale to any sized application portfolio.

InsightAppSec makes it easy to:

  • Deploy, manage, and scan in as few as five minutes
  • Assess and report on your web app's compliance to PCI-DSS, HIPAA, OWASP Top Ten, and other regulatory requirements
  • Speed remediation efforts with development through the Attack Replay feature and an integration with Atlassian Jira
  • And (way) more

Identifying your application vulnerabilities and driving remediation can be fast and simple: Start your free 30-day InsightAppSec trial today.