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In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod chat with Matthew Kienow, Senior Software Engineer at Rapid7, about open-source security – a subject he knows a thing or two about from his work on Metasploit, AttackerKB, and most recently the Recog recognition framework. They discuss the selling points and drawbacks of open source, why seeing all the code doesn’t mean you can see all the bugs, and how open-source projects like Recog make the digital world a better place.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where Matthew sticks around to chat with Tod and Jen about a worrying trend in DDoS attacks that allows for amplification levels of 65x.

Matthew Kienow

Matthew Kienow is a software engineer and security researcher. Matthew is currently responsible for the Recog recognition framework project at Rapid7 and previously worked on the AttackerKB project, as well as Metasploit's MSF 5 APIs. He has also designed, built, and successfully deployed many secure software solutions; however, often he enjoys breaking them instead. He has presented his research at various security conferences including DerbyCon, Hack In Paris, and CarolinaCon. His research has been cited by CSO, Threatpost, and SC Magazine.

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