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In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod chat with Phillip Maddux about his project HoneyDB, a site that pulls data together from honeypots around the world in a handy, open-source format for security pros and researchers. He details how his motivations for creating HoneyDB derived from his time in application security and why he thinks open source is such a great format for this kind of project.

No Rapid Rundown this week, since RSAC 2022 has Tod tied up (and several time zones farther from Jen than usual). If you’re in San Francisco for the conference, stop by the Rapid7 booth and say hi!

Phillip Maddux

Phillip Maddux is a staff engineer on the Detection and Response Engineering team at Compass. He has over 15 years of experience in information security, with the majority of that time focused on application security in the financial services sector. Throughout his career, Phillip has been a honeypot enthusiast and is the creator of

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