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5 Must-Know Tips for Reducing Your Company's Digital Footprint

Here are five ways to reduce your company's digital footprint and minimize your chance of a successful attack.

3 min Threat Intel

Major Carding Site Replacement: How Rose From the Ashes of

Here’s our recap of the Altenen takedown and thoughts on where threat hunters should shift their focus for finding new threats and fraud tactics.

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Q&A with Rebekah Brown, Rapid7 Threat Intel Lead, on Attacker Behavior Analytics

Hear from Rebekah Brown, Rapid7’s threat intel lead, on Attacker Behavior Analytics and how Rapid7 is developing next gen threat detections for customers.

3 min Threat Intel

Digital Footprints, Breadcrumbs, and How Hackers Exploit Them

Here is how hackers use publicly available employee data in the form of digital footprints and breadcrumbs to illegally access company systems.

2 min R7 Book Club

Threat Intel Book Club: July recap, August sign-up

Register for the second round of Rapid7's threat intelligence book club and join us to discuss takeaways from Countdown to Zero Day.

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The Rapid7 Belfast Security Operations Centre: Take a Video Tour

Get a behind the scenes look at the managed detection and response (MDR) team in the Rapid7 Belfast SOC. Watch now.

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How to Automate Identifying and Take Down Malicious Social Media Profiles

Here is how Rapid7 has automated the process of identifying and taking down fake social media profiles to help companies proactively identify these scams.

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15 Technologies and Tools Commonly Used in Dark Web Black Markets

Here is our list of 15 common technologies and tools used by cybercriminals to access and communicate via the dark web.

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Rapid7 Threat Intel Book Club: Summer Session

In April we wrapped up our first installment of the Rapid7 Threat Intel Book Club [/2018/04/12/threat-intel-book-club-the-cuckoos-egg-wrap-up/]. Much to our delight, our New Year’s resolution/grand experiment [/2018/01/01/auld-lang-syne-threat-intelligence-resolutions-for-2018/] on hosting a regular threat intel book club was a success! We got to dive into The Cuckoo’s Egg [] with a few dozen of our closest internet friends, discuss the things that

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A Common Retailer Dark Web Profile: What We Found in Our Search

In this post, we share examples of common retailer data found across the Dark Web and build a “Dark Web profile” for a typical retail company.

4 min Research

2018 National Exposure Index Research Report: Internet Security Posture by Country

Today, I’m happy to announce that Rapid7 has released our third annual National Exposure Index (NEI) [], a state of the internet report focusing on where in the world the most exposure is presented on the internet. I’m pretty pleased with how this year’s NEI turned out, primarily thanks to some overhauling we’ve done on the scoring algorithm that ranks countries. In fact, let’s get into that now. What the National Exposure Index Measures With

6 min Incident Detection

Managed Threat Detection and Response: The Questions You Need to Ask Vendors

In this post, Wade Woolwine, managed services director of technology at Rapid7, details our approach to managed detection and response: visibility, analytics, and arming our analysts with smart, customizable automation. Defending the modern enterprise is hard work. Between the need for round-the-clock coverage, technology to provide full visibility across the expanding enterprise, a highly skilled and experienced team, and the business level pressure to “prevent a breach,” there is little wonde

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Your 6-Minute Recap of Q1 2018’s Threat Landscape

Gotten a chance to read Rapid7’s Quarterly Threat Report for 2018 Q1 []? If not (or if you’re more of an auditory learner), we’ve put together a 6-minute recap video of the major findings. In our Quarterly Threat Reports [], our security researchers provide a wide-angle view of the threat landscape by leveraging intelligence from the Rapid7 Insight platform [

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Rapid7 Quarterly Threat Report: 2018 Q1

Spring is here, and along with the flowers and the birds, the pollen and the never-ending allergies, we bring you 2018’s first Quarterly Threat Report []! For the year’s inaugural report, we pulled an additional data set: significant events. While we like to look at trends in alerts over time, there is almost never a one-alert-per-incident correlation. Adversary actions involve multiple steps, which generate multiple alerts, and aft

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Threat Intel Book Club: The Cuckoo's Egg wrap-up

Last week, Rebekah Brown [] and I wrapped up The Cuckoo’s Egg [] with book club readers around the world. Dig through some blog archives to get a sense of how this book club got started [/2018/02/02/welcome-to-the-2018-threat-intel-book-club/] and what we’ve discussed [/2018/02/27/recap-2-21-threat-intelligence-book-club/] so far [/2018/03/18/next-threat-intel-book-club-4-5-recapping-the-cuckoos-egg/]. Below is a recap of