Gartner Research: 10 Questions to Answer Before Adopting SaaS SIEM

If you need better visibility into your network, assets, and users, you are likely considering Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). A proper SIEM promises centralized log management, all-in-one threat detection and investigation, and even the ability to automatically contain threats found across user accounts and endpoints.

What’s less exciting: hidden costs, complexity, and maintenance lurking beneath every successful, tuned data lake. This includes continuous hardware & data management, detection rule tuning, and ensuring the right security data is feeding in for analytics.

There’s a smarter, faster, and more cost-efficient way: SaaS SIEM.

Gartner analysts Toby Bussa, Kelly Kavanagh, and Gorka Sadowski share their bullish predictions in this new report, “10 Questions to Answer Before Adopting SaaS SIEM”. They believe SaaS SIEM is the future—but for best results—to ask prospective vendors 10 valuable questions.

Get the full question list and their suggested priorities in this interesting, complimentary copy of the report.




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Because we’re focused on effective detection and response, InsightIDR extends far beyond traditional SIEM; an EDR agent, deception technology, and multiple threat intel feeds come included to find exactly what other tools miss. Rapid7 is the only SIEM vendor that also offers a 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service powered by global in-house SOCs. Our analysts regularly add new, tuned detections to benefit the InsightIDR community.

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About Gartner Research

This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Rapid7.

10 Questions to Answer Before Adopting SaaS SIEM, Toby Bussa, Kelly Kavanagh, Gorka Sadowski, 5 November 2018