Optimizing security operations in the work-from-home era

Your automation playbook

The world of IT and security has changed overnight

Only a few short months ago, only 3.5% of employees worked remotely. Today, that number has jumped to 74%. That is an incredible shift in daily operations, particularly in the way IT and security teams work.

At Rapid7, our job is to help you stay secure. That means helping you adapt to changing environments—ensuring you have the visibility and expert guidance you need to take action.

And that’s where InsightConnect—our security orchestration and automation solution—comes into play.

How automation helps

New phishing threats; increased friction in collaborating and communicating remotely; less time and more interruptions—these are just a few of the problems our customers are facing daily.

By automating tasks using Slack and Microsoft Teams-driven workflows, security teams can improve collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and increase efficiency when investigating, responding to, and remediating incidents. Without the need to switch between user interfaces, you will save valuable time without sacrificing visibility.

What we’re offering

Free access to InsightConnect

Explore our security orchestration and automation solution for 30 days at no cost.

Ready-to-use workflow templates

Get instant time-to-value through our Work-from-Home Automation Playbooks designed to tackle new phishing threats and remote work challenges.

Expert guidance on automation

Access getting started videos and documentation for rapid deployment.

Access to our community forum

Join fellow security peers and Rapid7 experts to discuss and collaborate on challenges you're facing.

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Check out our Work-from-Home Automation Playbooks

Phishing Tackle Box

Modern security teams need to have a plan in place to rapidly detect and effectively respond to phishing attacks. The plugins and workflows in this Phishing Tackle Box help your team standardize phishing investigations, make informed decisions, and confidently respond to phishing attacks.

Explore the tackle box

Vulnerability and Remediation Toolkit

Patching vulnerabilities is more important and more complicated than ever before. With the prebuilt workflows in this toolkit, you can research vulnerabilities, find associated exploits, create and update tickets, manage your patching tools, and handle exceptions—all without leaving the comfort of your chat window.

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Ransomware Containment Toolkit

Once a single system is infected with ransomware, the clock starts ticking before an organization’s entire network is compromised. Arm your team with a slew of powerful workflows to contain the spread of ransomware by blocking infected hosts and C&C servers at the firewall, quarantining endpoints as you investigate further, blacklisting malicious processes based on the latest threat intel, and running on-demand AV scans.

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