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Rapid7 products are easy to install and use, and our team can provide expert guidance to take you much further. Our Quick Start Services help you through the deployment and ensure that you get the most value out of your investment over the first 12 months.

Get up and running quickly – because you value your time

Rapid7 InsightIDR is easy to set up and to use, but as with any complex topic, expert guidance maximizes the value you get out of the solution. We help you set up collectors and event sources for your new deployment and turn you into a power user in no time.

Learn how to optimize the quality of your data

You might be experiencing information overload from existing monitoring solutions which send you many more alerts than you can investigate. InsightIDR will only give you a handful of alerts, and we'll help you optimize your environment to become even more efficient.

Investigate efficiently to save time when it counts

When you detect an incident, all eyes will be on you to provide context and valuable insights. We'll teach you how to build an incident time line that clearly communicates what happened so you can focus on containment.