NTT Com Security (Formerly Integralis) Chooses Rapid7 for Vulnerability Management & Pen Testing

Justin Kennedy, Principal Security Consultant at NTT Com Security, explains why NTT Com Security chose Rapid7's Nexpose and Metasploit for their security needs. NTT Com Security has been a Rapid7 customer since 2009, and they made the choice to use Rapid7 thanks to outstanding customer support and engagement, as well as robust product features that help him do his job more easily and efficiently. For example, Justin cites Metasploit's social engineering capabilities as a feature that puts Rapid7 ahead of the pack.

To learn more, watch the video above to hear why Justin at NTT Com Security chose Rapid7–in his own words.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Justin Kennedy. I'm a principal security consultant with Integralis. I run the Offensive Security Practice, which is the penetration testing and vulnerability scanning practice.

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Integralis is a security company. We specialize in professional services, managed security services, and technology implementation.

Integralis is using currently Nexpose and Metasploit Professional.

Integralis became a Rapid7 customer in 2009. I personally became involved around 2010 or so.

My experience working with Rapid7 has been great, from the support side of the house as well as the account management side of the house.

The technology is great. We've been working with Nexpose and Metasploit Pro, and they've definitely helped us deliver what we've needed to our clients. So, specifically, we were looking for some type of solution that we are able to work with kind of on the back end. With Nexpose we've been able to use the APIs to build customer porting.

From a technologist's point of view, we really like the fact that things like Metasploit Pro always has the latest exploits (from the exploit database). They're always building in new functionality, like the phishing campaigns. Just things like that.

I absolutely would recommend Rapid7 solutions to others, and I have.

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