Security Nation Episode 20:

UBA, UEBA, and SUBA, Oh My!

1月 20, 2017

On this week's episode of Security Nation, host Kyle Flaherty welcomes in Matt Hathaway and Eric Sun to break down the alphabet soup that is UBA, UEBA, get the point. The conversation quickly turns to the Gartner Market Guide, the evolution of SIEM, the integral nature of endpoint agents, and oh so much more. Tune in and learn about:
- The perils of "portal fatigue" and how to recognize its symptoms.
- How to get the most out of the Gartner UEBA Market Guide and understand the vendor segmentation.
- How the creation of UBA helped move the SIEM market and motivate us all to understand how important time is in both detection and investigation.
- Why InsightIPA should be a beer at some point, but don't tell Nate.
- How to properly use the "f-word" in the title of a blog post.

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Security Nation is a podcast dedicated to covering all things infosec – from what’s making headlines to practical tips for organizations looking to improve their own security programs. Host Kyle Flaherty (@KyleFlaherty) has been knee–deep in the security sector for nearly two decades. At Rapid7 he leads a team of technical marketers with the mission of providing impactful content that helps security professionals do their jobs.

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