How Rapid7 RealContext within Nexpose Allows You to Focus on the Most Critical Vulnerabilities for Remediation

Gone are the days when a security team can remove all vulnerabilities from their network. Now, we are forced to prioritize our remediation efforts and focus on the most threatening vulnerabilities. At Rapid7 we do not just measure a vulnerabilities risk score using CVSS. We also take into consideration the length of time a vulnerability has been out in the wild as well as seeing if there are any available malware or exploit kits available for these vulnerabilities. Unique to Rapid7's Nexpose, we also take into consideration your businesses most important assets, we call this RealContext. RealContext allows you to tag your most critical assets. If there are any vulnerabilities that affect these assets, they will go to the top of your priority list. This allows you to prioritize the remediation efforts on assets that keep your business moving forward like credit card servers, servers holding health care information, etc.

See how Rapid7's RealContext within Nexpose allows you to tag your critical assets so that they are always a priority when it comes to remediation. Watch now.

Nexpose helps you:

  • Understand your network
  • Prioritize and manage your risk effectively
  • Simply your compliance effort
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