Customer Testimonial:

Rodale: Getting Management Buy-In

  • Product: Nexpose
  • Industry: Communications & Media
  • Size: Mid-Market

Jamil Hightower, Information Security Analyst, Rodale, uses Rapid7 Nexpose to help provide trending reports to upper management. His philosophy: You need to know what's going on in your environment in order to better manage it.

Video Transcript

I've been using Nexpose for almost four years now. We have a multi-DMZ environment. So for PCI we have only a PCI environment which is totally segregated from the network. So that's one side of the house.

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We have our other DMZ, which houses our websites, internet sites, and then we also have our internal side of the house, which we're gonna expand. So we were kind of like a black period between moving away from Qualys and moving to Nexpose. Qualys was solely a cloud solution. It is basically one device and everything is back end. With Nexpose, you know, we know that when we scan with the local product that data's there. We can pull that data. We rescan it, and we continue the process all over again. So it's kind of like it's one big circle.

Management asked more questions now, so I'm able to provide trendings, trending reports. These are things that management wants to hear. They want to know, you know, how many vulnerabilities did we have in October 2013, as opposed to December 2013. I feel that when you select a product it's not about only the product, it's about the support, your sales team. How responsive these entities are to you, and I believe those all go hand-in-hand. In order to be able to better manage your environment, you have to be able to know what's going on in your environment. And I believe that's what Nexpose does for me. 

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