エンドポイントの検知と対応 (EDR) ソリューション 


As proven by a certain “death star,” even the most well-defended networks are only as secure as their weakest point. But securing your ray-shielded thermal exhaust ports is a discussion for another day, because if you’re not thinking about endpoints – or the people using them – right now, all the work you’ve done securing servers and critical infrastructure can be bypassed by a single stolen credential or vulnerability as seemingly insignificant as a womp rat.

Rapid7 endpoint detection and response solutions provide the visibility and insight you need to close those security gaps. As part of a defense-in-depth strategy encompassing vulnerability management, user behavior analytics (UBA), and compensating controls testing, our solutions can help you identify and report on risk, test your existing defenses, and detect endpoint compromise, all in real-time. 

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Visualize endpoint risk and prioritize remediation

To secure your endpoints, you need to make gaining a foothold as challenging as possible. While that may seem like a no-brainer, InsightVM is the only vulnerability management solution that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on ease of use in an actual attack, so you can focus on fixing vulnerabilities that provide an easy way in. And with Metasploit Pro, you can simulate these attacks to see what an attacker would actually reach in the event of a breach and ensure your compensating controls are working properly.

Detect stealthy compromise earlier in the attack chain

When it comes to sneaking in and around, attackers know all the tricks. They’re not only compromising endpoints with malware, but moving between them via lateral movement, stolen creds, and other stealthy techniques. InsightIDR unifies SIEM, UBA, and endpoint detection and response capabilities with your existing network and security stack to shine a light on these elusive behaviors, even when users and endpoints are off the corporate network. How? We marry real-time endpoint data with user activity and log search for comprehensive incident detection across the entire attack chain. Best of all, you only need one unified agent to collect user data and vulnerability data.

Get complete visibility across your endpoints and users

With InsightIDR and InsightVM, you can proactively identify and prioritize weak points across your network, including your users. Search for any user on the network, and you’ll quickly find their recent activity, endpoint data, and the vulnerabilities on their assets. If an InsightVM vulnerability scan deems an asset critical, InsightIDR can automatically place those endpoints under greater detection scrutiny. It’s a powerful one-two punch that helps identify risk in your environment, improve existing security posture, and provide alerts with meaningful context—all network happenings you’ll want to know about.