Demand More Than MSSP

Get a modern detection approach with Managed Detection and Response

Looking for a little help boosting your incident detection and response program? Good thinking—third parties are a smart place to turn when the expertise and resources to effectively hunt for and respond to threats are out of reach. But which type of provider is right for your organization? While Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) may seem like they provide a fully managed SOC, they typically consist of a relatively immature team that depends on technology do the most of the work. And you need more than just tech—you need experts who can manage it and provide guidance. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides that killer combo of people and products. And Rapid7 does MDR best.

Our MDR service features a team of experts that acts as an extension of your own security team, providing you with a 24/7 SOC of cyber guardians and unsurpassed service and business context that delivers real value.

Experts and tech to hunt proactively

Each member of Rapid7’s Managed Detection and Response team boasts an average of 10+ years’ experience hunting threats and is backed by InsightIDR—Rapid7’s leading incident detection and response technology—which enables them to proactively hunt in your environment. MSSPs, on the other hand, rarely offer hunting, and the experience is impersonal, right down to the sterile tickets that report issues.

Attacker-focused detection, just for you

Rapid7’s MDR service is tailored specifically to your industry and your business. Compare that with MSSPs, which offer the same one-size-fits-all solution, regardless of industry, and focus detection on malware rather than attackers.

Guidance and support to respond and remediate

When you find attackers in your environment, it’s critical to be able to quickly pivot from detection to response and remediation. Managed Detection and Response makes it possible. Our service includes incident response, prioritizing the best way for your organization to respond and remediate with your extended team.

Managed Detection & Response: Demand More Than an MSSP

Wade Woolwine, director of managed services at Rapid7, discusses how MDR differs from traditional MSSPs.

Get your own 24/7 SOC of cyber guardians. Learn more about Rapid7 MDR services.

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