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CoalfireOne & InsightVM

CoalfireOne & InsightVM Integration Brief

Make ASV Scanning a No-Brainer

With the CoalfireOne Scans Platform and Rapid7 InsightVM (or Nexpose)

Integration Benefits

  • Projects vs. accounts: Scan multiple environments and run concurrent scheduled scans in a single pane of glass.
  • Reporting versatility and customization: Hand-select specific targets to include on AOSCs and other ASV reporting every quarter.
  • Scheduling flexibility: CoalfireOne Scans will accommodate the majority of your environment’s needs through its platform.
  • Vulnerability transparency: Directly access threat details through the Coalfire user interface.
  • Streamlined dispute process: Reduce time spent on the dispute cycle and process by resubmitting previously accepted disputes in one click.
  • Clarity: Easily sift through endpoints and their scans results with simplified target entry and management.
  • Data visibility: Easily access the evidence library and historical data

The CoalfireOne Scans platform provides the PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) service with internal and external scans, and enables easy collaboration and project management. This provides InsightVM users users with smooth navigation, a robust database to ensure fast processing speeds, and vast simultaneous IP scanning capabilities for efficiency and time savings. CoalfireOne Scans uses one of the most trusted, precise and complex scanning engines on the market today, Rapid7 InsightVM.

By working with your Rapid7 Customer Success Manager (CSM) and an ASV from the CoalfireOne Scanning Services (CF1SS) team, you can get up and running easily and instantaneously. Once your account has been created, a walkthrough will be provided. The CF1SS team offers two services—full-service vulnerability scans and self-service vulnerability scans. Each of these have been purposely designed to be easy to deploy and proven to add valuable insight into your IT environment.

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