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BigFix & InsightVM

BigFix & InsightVM Integration Brief

Accelerate Remediation with Automation-Assisted Patching

With Rapid7 InsightVM and IBM BigFix

Integration Benefits

By combining the power of InsightVM and BigFix, you can identify your most critical vulnerabilities and seamlessly correlate the appropriate remediation actions to save time and lower the chances of error. With these tools you will:

  • Simplify the patching process through orchestrated workflows.
  • Validate that specific patching actions have occurred.
  • Create visibility into discrepancies that may exist between InsightVM and BigFix patching reports.

Industry best practices dictate that companies should keep software up-to-date as part of maintaining a healthy security posture. Yet managing and patching vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to vendors and third-party software, can be repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to human error. What if you could make the whole patching process quicker, more accurate, and still have control over key decisions? InsightVM, Rapid7’s industry-leading vulnerability assessment solution, and IBM BigFix integrate at no additional cost so you can accelerate your VM program to streamline patching, reduce risk, and increase efficiency.

Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7 InsightVM is the next evolution in vulnerability management. Inspired by our award-winning Nexpose product, InsightVM leverages the very latest in analytics and endpoint technology to provide constant intelligence to discover vulnerabilities, pinpoint their location, prioritize them for your business, and confirm your exposure has been reduced.

IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix Patch provides an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console. It provides real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy and manage patches to endpoints—on and off the corporate network. Clients have reported seeing more than 98% first-pass patch success rates.

How It Works

An InsightVM vulnerability assessment is conducted to assess the risk posture of the systems within your organization. An automated workflow is then triggered to aggregate key information, retrieve BigFix Fixlets for vulnerabilities found, create a BigFix multiple action group, and apply patches. BigFix also creates a Baseline. Once complete, users can optionally re-scan their site to verify patching was successful and compare results to the BigFix Baseline. When a discrepancy exists between BigFix and InsightVM—either because a patch wasn’t successfully applied, was applied in a non-standard location, or a false positive existed—the success and discrepancy reports highlight any needs for manual verification, allowing users to systematically address gaps in their remediation process.

Overview of the Integration Process

Integration Overview

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