Put your application scan results to work

Integrate AppSpider with your Web Application Firewall (WAF)

AppSpider Defend is our complimentary solution that integrates AppSpider scan results with leading WAF and IPS technologies to provide a “virtual patch,” further protecting vulnerable applications from a malicious attack. Users take scan results from a completed scan and, within a few clicks, add specific and targeted rules to their WAF or IPS that will block attacks against those recently discovered vulnerabilities.

Integrate AppSpider with your Continuous Integration (CI) solution

Organizations are realizing the DevOps benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) solutions such as Selenium to streamline QA efforts and reduce time to market. Security teams are wise to find ways to plug their scanning activity into the CI to ensure that every build is security-tested before it goes into production. AppSpider can fit into your CI environment because it works well in “point and shoot” mode and offers open APIs for running scans.

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