Integrate application security testing into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Integrate AppSpider with your Continuous Integration (CI) solution

Organizations are realizing the DevOps benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) solutions such as Jenkins to streamline QA efforts and reduce time to market. With this realization comes another way to make security teams smarter; plugging your scanning activity into the CI ensures that every build is security-tested before production. AppSpider can fit into your CI environment with its powerful, yet flexible open APIs for running scans and querying scan findings. By integrating AppSpider into your CI solution, quality gates can be enforced to proactively secure applications. You’ll be alerted of any application builds that introduce new vulnerabilities, so the development team can take action earlier.

Integrate AppSpider with your ticketing system

Ticketing systems such as JIRA have been adopted by countless development teams to manage their work in an agile environment. Integrating AppSpider with these systems reduces lag time for developers to be notified of application vulnerabilities requiring patching. But wait, there’s more:Combining AppSpider with a ticketing system and a CI solution creates a powerful security feedback loop within the SDLC, resulting in the ultimate win for your team—a reduction in the time it takes to identify vulnerabilities as well as the cost to remediate them. 

Integrate AppSpider with your Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Not all application vulnerabilities can be patched immediately. In the event that a vulnerability needs remediation but a code fix is still in the works, AppSpider Defend can integrate with your WAF to block attacks that would otherwise exploit the vulnerability. Take the results from a completed AppSpider scan and, within a few clicks, add specific and targeted rules to your WAF or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that will block attacks against recently discovered vulnerabilities. 

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