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AppSpider product brief

AppSpider Product Brief

While today’s malicious attackers pursue a variety of goals, they share a preferred channel of attack—the millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applications companies deploy to serve their customers. AppSpider dynamically assesses these applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, provides tools that speed remediation, and monitors applications for changes. Keep your applications safe and secure—now and moving forward.

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Application security buyers guideApplication Security Buyers Guide

In today’s world, highly accurate automated web application scanning is a complex thing, but it does exist. What characteristics should you look for in a scanner to give you more coverage, greater accuracy and ease of use? In this paper, we describe the requirements that we think are the most important when selecting a scanner and some of the techniques you can use to get the most out of your evaluation period.

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Whitepaper: Four Steps to Modernize Your Application Security Program

Whitepaper: Four Steps to Modernize Your Application Security Program

Despite your best intentions, chances are good that your application is going live with dangerous security flaws. But some application security solutions are able to address modern applications. With a little bit of analysis and the right solution, your developers can continue to release state-of-the-art modern applications and you can confirm that your solution is reliable and effective in assessing your applications by following these four simple steps.

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Quick Guide: 7 Questions to Ask your DAST vendor

Quick Guide: 7 Questions to Ask Your DAST Vendor

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is the process of systematically analyzing an application to uncover weaknesses from the outside in, just as an attacker would see it. This enables you to get a realistic view of the exploitable vulnerabilities in your application. With today’s sophisticated and complex applications, now more than ever, it is important to choose the right vendors. You need a partner capable of performing effective testing against your modern applications with a comprehensive set of application attacks.

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InsightAppSec and AppSpider Attack Types

Attack Types in InsightAppSec and AppSpider

Rapid7’s research and product teams keep up with the latest application security attacks and best practices, so you don’t have to. With InsightAppSec and AppSpider, you can go way beyond the OWASP Top 10 to test for 93 attack types and best practices; you can also create custom checks to address issues and risks that are custom to your environment.

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InsightAppSec and AppSpider Universal Translator

Feature Brief: Universal Translator in InsightAppSec and AppSpider

The Universal Translator provides Rapid7’s Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions—InsightAppSec and AppSpider—with the flexibility that enables maximum test coverage for the web applications of today and tomorrow.

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Rapid7 Appspider Microsoft Case Study

Case Study: Microsoft Trusts Rapid7 AppSpider to Build a World-Class Web Application Security Program

With the technology landscape rapidly evolving, Microsoft foresaw that the homegrown solution it had previously relied upon for application security would soon struggle to keep pace with modern applications with rich, dynamic clients and numerous APIs on the back-end. So the team undertook an extensive, thorough evaluation that spanned several months and settled on AppSpider as one of its Web App Vulnerability Scanners, based in large part on the product’s roadmap towards being able to handle complex application ecosystems that have rich clients and RESTful APIs.

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