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Rapid7 InsightAppSec Product Demo

Product Demo: InsightAppSec

With Rapid7 InsightAppSec, you can get up and running in minutes, crawl and attack your modern applications with over 90 attack modules, and scan external and internal applications. Watch this on-demand product demo to dive deeper into InsightAppSec's features and use cases.

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Rapid7 InsightAppSec Product Brief

Product Brief: InsightAppSec

Your web applications may be complex, but your application security testing tool doesn’t need to be. InsightAppSec brings Rapid7’s proven Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology to the Insight platform so you can secure even the most complex, modern applications.

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Rapid7 Feature Brief: Universal Translator

Feature Brief: Universal Translator

The Universal Translator acts as a bridge between the discovery and attack capabilities of DAST. By translating and normalizing all attackable inputs into a common universal format, the Universal Translator enables you to expand your application area coverage and add support for future web technologies and emerging attack types.

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Application Security Buyer's Guide

Application Security Buyer's Guide: 15 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your DAST Vendor

What characteristics should you look for to give you greater accuracy and ease of use in securing modern web apps? This buyer's guide outlines the 15 key features and capabilities to consider for security buyers looking to adopt or migrate to a DAST solution.

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Solution Guide: Modern Vulnerability Management with Rapid7

Solution Guide: Modern Vulnerability Management with Rapid7

In this solution guide, we highlight how Rapid7 is helping our customers evolve their vulnerability management programs to meet today’s challenges, including complex web applications that are hard to test, and that change every day—sometimes every hour.

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Solution Brief: Container Monitoring and Security

Solution Brief: Container Monitoring and Security

Our solutions are uniquely built to help IT and security teams establish best-practice programs for monitoring and protecting container infrastructure. Learn how InsightAppSec has been specially designed to comprehensively scan for security flaws in the modern web applications that containers are built for.

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Rapid7 Integration Brief: InsightAppSec and Atlassian Jira

Integration Brief: InsightAppSec and Atlassian Jira

For truly effective application security remediation, security and development teams must understand each others’ priorities, workflows, processes, and tools. This is why Rapid7’s DAST tools, InsightAppSec and AppSpider Enterprise, both integrate with the Atlassian Jira ticketing system.

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