Built-In Automation and Remediation

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Built-In Automation and Remediation

InsightCloudSec provides security professionals with a platform to automate the protective and reactive controls necessary for an enterprise to innovate at the speed enabled by cloud environments. Automation is the key to being able to achieve both security and speed at scale.

Built-In Automation
Built-In Automation


Specify what a Bot does. InsightCloudSec ships with hundreds of predefined actions and allows you to define custom actions.


Specifies the resources the Bot will evaluate; the Bot will only evaluate resources within the scope of clouds or resource groups you choose.


InsightCloudSec ships with more than 800 predefined filters, and it’s also easy to define custom filters to act on new signals or data that you want InsightCloudSec to monitor.

With an API polling and event-driven approach to identify risk and trigger remediation, InsightCloudSec provides fast detection of changes that enables automated remediation to occur in real-time.

With a highly customizable automation engine users can quickly and easily define workflows (“Bots”) that deliver automation. A single Bot can be configured to apply a unified approach to remediation across all clouds creating a consistent, scalable, and sustainable approach to cloud security. Bots are composed of a scope, filters, and actions.