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Take automatic action on user accounts

Managing user permissions is a critical process all organizations should be able to do quickly and effectively in order to respond to a variety of security threats. But, the reality is that most companies can't keep up. Security orchestration and automation can eliminate the burden of manually managing user accounts in a variety of use cases, from provisioning and deprovisioning users, to responding in the event of an incident.

Provisioning new accounts

Different employees require different access levels to various tools and systems within your organization. Easily orchestrate tools such as Okta or Active Directory together, and kickoff automation regarding designated user accounts.

Deprovisioning departing employees

No matter the reason why an employee is leaving, it's a security best practice to remove access to their account as quickly as possible. When an employee leaves, Security and IT teams can immediately deactivate the accounts via a single automated workflow.

Shutting the [access] doors

User accounts are commonly exploited in phishing attacks. In the event of a security incident, automatically deprovision affected user accounts, remove user access from key systems, and revoke permissions as needed until the threat is contained.

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