See InsightIDR in Action

Rapid7 InsightIDR delivers trust and confidence: you can trust that any suspicious behavior is being detected, and have confidence that with the full context, you can quickly remediate.

From working hand-in-hand with security teams, we understand how painful it is to triage, false-positive, vague alerts and jump between siloed tools, each monitoring a bit of the network.

InsightIDR combines SIEM, UBA, and EDR capabilities to unify your existing network & security stack. By correlating the millions of events your organization generates daily to the exact users and assets behind them, you can reliably detect attacks and expose risky behavior - all in real-time.

Watch this webcast to learn how InsightIDR can help you:

  • Unify your existing data for search, visualization, and compliance
  • Detect attacks through a combination of UBA, Deception, and EDR
  • Prioritize your searches and investigations with security analytics