Endpoint Detection and Visibility

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Identify and prioritize risk

With comprehensive coverage across the modern environment, InsightIDR goes beyond the scope of traditional SIEMs to provide highly reliable threat detection out of the box and advanced environment visibility when teams need it, to spot attacks early. While many Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools become shelfware, our detections-first approach allows our team to capture even more data and add critical visibility into what happened before or after an alert. With InsightIDR, customers can leverage Rapid7’s universal Insight Agent to access real-time endpoint scanning and threat detection alerts out of the box.

Detect earlier in the attack chain

Most breaches start on the endpoint, and real-time visibility and detection is essential. InsightIDR collects endpoint data via the Insight Agent. From a combination of User and Attacker Behavior Analytics and curated threat intelligence, you get early detections with comprehensive defense-in-depth. Leverage the Insight Agent to also detect behaviors on your endpoints that indicate compromise. Identify suspicious activities such as local log deletions and privileged escalations occurring on endpoints, which may otherwise be missed by monitoring solutions.

Unlock enhanced endpoint visibility

Our endpoint capabilities don’t stop at threat detections: With Enhanced Endpoint Telemetry (EET), InsightIDR customers see a historical archive of process start activity on their endpoints. EET provides context to what happened before and after any action on an endpoint, allowing teams to tell the full story around what actions triggered a particular detection. Now, security teams can accurately decipher between what was an attack and what was a normal command that happened to look suspicious—without jumping in and out of multiple tools.

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