Endpoint Detection and Visibility

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Identify and prioritize risk

From our continuous research on attacker behavior, we understand just how frequently endpoints are exploited and the magnitude of work it takes to monitor them—especially when employees are off your corporate network. That’s why InsightIDR comes standard with a cross-product, universal Insight Agent and endpoint scanning, giving you real-time detection and the ability to proactively hunt for answers.

Detect earlier in the attack chain

Most breaches start on the endpoint, and real-time visibility and detection is essential. InsightIDR collects endpoint data via the Insight Agent. From a combination of User and Attacker Behavior Analytics and curated threat intelligence, you get early detections with comprehensive defense-in-depth.

Gain complete visibility across endpoints and users

With InsightIDR, it's easy to have visibility across your network, including remote workers and cloud services. You'll learn about anomalous running processes, risky user behavior, and malicious activity—all in real time.

Detect local indicators of compromise

Leverage the Insight Agent to detect behaviors on your endpoints that indicate compromise. Identify suspicious activities such as local log deletions and privileged escalations occurring on endpoints, which may otherwise be missed by monitoring solutions.

Hunt and collect real-time data on endpoints

When you uncover an indicator of compromise, InsightIDR allows you to easily search across all of your endpoints to see if similar behavior is occurring elsewhere.

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