Unify and detect across network, endpoint, and cloud

To relentlessly hunt threats, you need to see everything that’s happening in your environment. InsightIDR provides visibility across your entire ecosystem – including areas difficult to monitor, such as endpoints and cloud services – via integrations with your existing network and security stack. By correlating the millions of daily events in your environment directly to the users and assets behind them, InsightIDR highlights risk across your organization and prioritizes where to search. Even better? It can be up and running in hours. Let’s see a traditional SIEM tool do that.

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InsightIDR and Microsoft Office 365

As Office 365 and other cloud services dissolve the security perimeter to improve user productivity, identifying intruders using stolen credentials gets more challenging. Rapid7 is proud to be an early access partner with Microsoft®. Integrating its Office 365 Management Activity API with InsightIDR feeds our tool with visibility into user authentications and admin activity, exposing suspicious behavior and the use of compromised credentials.

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InsightIDR and Splunk

Already using a log aggregator or SIEM solution for compliance and reporting? Get even more out of it. InsightIDR integrates with either tool, applying User Behavior Analytics to the data to detect stealthy attacker behavior such as the use of stolen credentials and lateral movement. Further, InsightIDR combines data from your SIEM with our endpoint detection and monitoring and cloud service behavior for fast incident investigations and a complete view of your network. Best of all, you don’t need a data degree to find value: InsightIDR prioritizes risk across your organization and shows you exactly where to look.

InsightIDR and FireEye

Most monitoring solutions report findings by IP address, yet the intruders behind the malware often blend in to network noise by masquerading as legitimate users on the network. Knowing the user context of an alert is often critical to understanding an attack’s impact and responding to the incident quickly. This integration allows you to map findings from FireEye Network Security (NX) and Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) to the user context provided in InsightIDR to help you monitor the attack and identify which users are impacted and whose credentials were compromised.

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