Accelerated Incident Response


Accelerated Incident Response

Stay ahead of attackers, focus on what matters

Rapid7 laid the foundation for XDR six years ago with InsightIDR. We purpose-built the platform to give security teams time to focus on successful, proactive, complete threat detection and response programs.

Our approach delivers the critical, reliable information you need, when you need it — eliminating the noise and complexity. With expertise built into every step—from prescriptive event source collection wizards, to highly curated pre-built detections and intuitive UI—you get actionable insights immediately.

The contextual threat alerts and correlation in InsightIDR means no more sifting through mountains of data and false positives. With our threat intelligence and sophisticated insights—as well as automated workflows for containing users or creating tickets—you’ll be free of operational friction. Automation reduces the number of manual security tasks that you have to perform. You can automate tasks like containing threats, alerting your team when there’s suspicious activity, and tracking the progress of an investigation.

Here's how you'll do it:

Built-In Expertise
Alerts curated by our SOC, updated in real time
Log Management & Search
Data from across your environment, in one view
Contain threats, suspend users, and more within one interface
Behavioral Analytics
User and Attacker Behavior Analytics, tuned by our SOC
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