Gain Complete Visibility


Gain Complete Visibility

All of your critical security data in one place, expertly analyzed in the cloud.

When it comes to monitoring and responding to incidents, we know that visibility and time to respond are essential. Disparate systems leave environments vulnerable to attacks caused by gaps in visibility and the noise and confusion of managing multiple tools. That’s why we’ve built our detection and response program around monitoring for both known and unknown threats, leveraging contextual, environment-specific analysis to sift through the flood of data so you can identify and respond to real threats.

Our lightweight Insight Agent, Collectors, APIs, and Network Sensors ingest data from across your environment—including user activity, logs, cloud, endpoints, and network traffic—into a single solution.

With all of your critical security data analyzed in the cloud, InsightIDR eliminates that “what have I missed” feeling, and provides the comprehensive coverage teams need to monitor today’s environments. Here’s a look at what we cover, to make sure that you’re covered.

Here's how we do it:

Cloud Monitoring
Visibility into your cloud applications
Log Management & Search
Data from across your environment, in one view
Endpoint Detection & Visibility
Real-time monitoring of IoCs on endpoints and users
Network Traffic Analysis
Monitor network traffic across your environment
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