Respond Faster


Respond Faster

Built-in expertise so you’ll always know what to do next.

Rapid7 detection and response customers have access to—and insights from—our experts and research driving the industry forward. This includes a robust library of out-of-the box detections curated from our global managed SOC team, plus insights from Rapid7’s global threat intelligence network.

InsightIDR learns your environment to quickly and confidently alert on abnormal behavior and identify attacks early in the attack chain. And with pre-built automation workflows, you can take action from within the solution. Our flexible, intelligence-infused approach helps you make the most of your resources (and ours), so you’ll always know you’re covered and know what to do next,

Here's how you'll do it:

Built-In Expertise
Alerts curated by our SOC, updated in real time
Log Management & Search
Data from across your environment, in one view
Contain threats, suspend users, and more within one interface
Behavioral Analytics
User and Attacker Behavior Analytics, tuned by our SOC
Want us to manage this for you?
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