Security is Transformed as Your Business Grows


Security is Transformed as Your Business Grows

With SIEM at the core, we unlock XDR across your modern environment.

As the cloud becomes the default, and your perimeter stretches until it’s gone, security teams struggle to bring legacy tools along. It’s time for XDR and a comprehensive, scalable security hub.

With a cloud-based data lake, InsightIDR gives you elastic, efficient, collaborate-anywhere XDR. The lightweight Insight Agent, Collectors, APIs, and Network Sensors ingest data from across your environment—including user activity, logs, cloud, endpoints, and network traffic—into one place. InsightIDR is the end of tab-hopping and multi-tasking.

InsightIDR goes beyond simple aggregation to give analysts the complete picture. The attribution engine tracks users and assets as they move around the network and auto-enriches every log line with user and asset details. Diverse events are highly correlated into detailed investigations, giving holistic and actionable visibility at a glance.

Here's how we do it:

Cloud Monitoring
Visibility into your cloud applications
Log Management & Search
Data from across your environment, in one view
Endpoint Detection & Visibility
Real-time monitoring of IoCs on endpoints and users
Network Traffic Analysis
Monitor network traffic across your environment