Simplified SecOps, Elevated Outcomes

Simplified SecOps, Elevated Outcomes

They say XDR and SIEM are on a collision course. We prefer to call it a unified approach.

InsightIDR gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most. And your first focus? Detections, not deployments.

A lightweight, cloud-native infrastructure means it scales easily with your business. SaaS delivery and software based data collection makes InsightIDR easy to use, great for team collaboration — and you always have instant access to new detections, new features, and product updates as soon as they’re rolled out.

InsightIDR is also known for an intuitive interface, UI, and query language, as well as wizard-guides to help you know where to go next. For this (and more) we credit our global MDR SOC which uses and vets everything we do, giving Rapid7 a deep and early look at user experience.

Every analyst is empowered to be an expert, and there’s no more “alert fatigue.” In fact, it may be the end of burnout. Users can count on lots of flexible search options, comprehensive coverage of the environment, helpful visualizations, and cloud computing power.

You’ll have fast insights. And maybe even start getting home in time for dinner.

Here's how InsightIDR drives value:

Natively Cloud
Purpose-built to deploy and scale with ease
Intuitive Data Collection
Data from across your environment, in one view
Built-In Expertise
Alerts curated by our SOC, updated in real time
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