Intuitive Data Collection

Networks, endpoints, remote employees and offices, cloud applications and hosting, and more have pushed the bounds of what SIEMs can manage. They’ve also expanded the attack surface, creating new areas that organizations need to monitor to keep ahead of threats.

Traditional SIEMs focus on log ingestion alone and typically place the burden of figuring out what data is most relevant to look at—and how to get it into their product—on the customer. InsightIDR is designed to bring together data from disparate sources, so you can view critical information in one solution, going beyond just log collection and management.

Once InsightIDR collects data, it’s normalized, attributed to users and systems, and then enriched. This approach structures the data and analytics for investigations, empowering analyst visibility and action. With just a few foundational event sources set up, you’ll immediately see impactful takeaways.



Traditional Blockers


Log Data

Data is stored on-premise, where you have to maintain additional infrastructure and ever-growing storage to accommodate network needs.

Collectors compress log data and push it to the cloud. It’s then normalized and attributed, so you can run advanced queries and correlate user activity.

Remote Users & Assets

Manually monitor firewall logs, VPN logins, and network activity.

The Insight Agent provides real-time visibility across Windows, Mac, and Linux assets—no matter where they are.

Endpoint Data

On-premises agents are heavy and need to be installed for every endpoint device.

The lightweight Insight Agent centralizes and monitors data in the cloud.

Network Data

Manually maintain and monitor: firewalls, packet inspection tools, DNS tools, switches, routers, and more.

Network Sensors collect data from network aggregation points, like core switches. The Sensor captures raw network flow data and extracts rich medata.


Unable to view cloud environments

Hosted in the cloud and connects to numerous third-party cloud solutions.