Trusted Detections Out-of-the-Box


Trusted Detections Out-of-the-Box

We’re as different as it gets: open-source, research-driven, focused on signal-to-noise.

InsightIDR’s internal and external threat intelligence stretches into the deep web and dark web. It’s also informed by the world’s most used penetration testing framework, the open-source Metasploit, and our community-infused threat intelligence research projects, Project Sonar and Project Heisenberg.

Analysts can focus on high-context, well-correlated investigations. We process vast amounts of data in a multi-layered detection approach. A correlation engine unifies disparate data points and millions of daily events into one cohesive picture.

And before any customer used InsightIDR, know that it was vetted in the field by our global MDR teams who make sure we understand user experience, up close and personal.

Here's how you'll do it:

Built-In Expertise
Alerts curated by our SOC, updated in real time
Log Management & Search
Data from across your environment, in one view
Contain threats, suspend users, and more within one interface
Behavioral Analytics
User and Attacker Behavior Analytics, tuned by our SOC
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