A Modern SIEM with Built-In Expertise

Traditional SIEMs focus on reading data to find known threats, and they require analysts to manually filter and configure the settings based on what users or assets “should” do. This includes basic analytics, pattern-matching, and similar tactics for finding predictable behaviors. The problem? Today’s threat landscape is anything but predictable.

We’ve built InsightIDR with the analytical and compute power needed to look for more advanced and elusive threats. Combined with out-of-the-box detections, visual timelines, and advanced behavioral analytics, users will view and analyze data holistically, resulting in greater context and visibility into your environment.

And with our Rapid7 community of experts, we take it even further. We’ve combined the power of our threat intelligence community, Managed Detection and Response analysts, machine learning, and additional filtering and data science to build on traditional out-of-the-box detections and baseline user behavior. This means that InsightIDR looks for further indicators of compromise, such as logging in from unknown domains as opposed to simply a different office location, to alert on true threats.

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InsightIDR Modern SIEM Environment