Streamlined Case Management

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Slot into existing response workflows with development and IT

For any type of alert created or managed by InsightIDR, you can automatically create a corresponding ticket or case in tools like JIRA and ServiceNow. Paired with our native case management features, this ensures that for any alert, the right team members are notified and empowered to take action.

Automatically generate tickets

Within InsightIDR, trigger workflows to automatically create service tickets to share context around investigations you are performing in InsightIDR. From the moment an alert is verified, you can set an entire workflow into motion to to quickly enrich, triage, investigate, and even respond to an alert. With easy pivots to log search and endpoint interrogation from within InsightIDR, you can detect and respond to threats without having to jump from tool to tool.

Enhanced communication between teams

By connecting the tools your teams are already using, you’ll ensure that everyone is working from the same data set regarding any incident or threat that arises. InsightIDR comes with a full Investigations API, giving you the flexibility to feed and manage alerts through your existing case management and SIEM investments. Once your security ecosystem is set up to deliver alerts, investigation findings, and other data to the right team members with automation, you can accelerate your mean time to response and maximize the strengths of your team.