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InsightOps makes log management easy for IT teams of all sizes. In less than five minutes, you can start collecting and centralizing increasing log volumes, managing diverse log formats, maintaining accuracy, and staying informed in real-time. With zero ongoing maintenance, you can sit back and let your data do the talking.


With InsightOps you can: 

  • Centralize logs from any source, in any format
  • Search logs without typing queries using Visual Search
  • Visualize performance using out-of-the-box live dashboards and scheduled reports
  • Receive immediate alerts when critical events occur (or don’t occur)
  • Generate on-demand logs from assets with a single click 

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Solutions for IT Operations

Find the answers you’ve been looking for with the power of combined live endpoint visibility and log analytics.


InsightOps combines log management with live asset visibility for really, really easy IT monitoring and troubleshooting.