IT Compliance

Log management and regular reviews of log data are a fundamental component of IT compliance. Whether you’re working towards maintaining PCI, NIST, HIPAA and/or corporate compliances, InsightOps makes it easy to check the boxes on secure log collection, storage, and review.


With InsightOps you can:

  • Collect logs from any source, in any format, including servers, applications, Active Directory, databases, firewalls, DNS, VPNs, AWS, and other cloud services.
  • Record audit trail entries for all system components for each event, including event type, date and time, origination of event, and more.
  • Generate ad hoc and custom reports to share with your team or auditors, and schedule recurring reports that are automatically saved to your reports archive for compliance.
  • Receive immediate alerts when server, application, or service performance is impacted and regularly review performance using live dashboards and scheduled reports. 

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