Performance Monitoring

Are you able to catch performance issues within your IT environment before they occur? With Rapid7 InsightOps, you can. Our solution makes performance monitoring easier and more effective. You can now use one simple product to keep an eye on the performance of your servers, applications, IoT devices, employee workstations, and more. With all of the data from your IT environment centralized, you can quickly investigate the root cause and troubleshoot the issue with ease.  


With InsightOps you can:

  • Monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage for every asset in your network.
  • Review active network connections across your environment.
  • Receive immediate alerts when performance metrics exceed specific thresholds.
  • Visualize performance using out-of-the-box live dashboards and scheduled reports
  • Get integration performance alerts with chat and incident escalation tools using out-of-the-box integrations and a well-documented REST API. 
  • And more... 

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