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A Vulnerability Management Program That Scales

Leverage your people and resources most efficiently by streamlining remediation, a traditionally tedious and time-consuming task. Automate the steps of aggregating key information, retrieving fixes for identified vulnerabilities, and ultimately—when appropriate and/or approved by a sysadmin—applying the patches. Upon completion, you can have InsightVM automatically re-assess impacted assets to verify successful patching. This way, you can stop worrying about the mundane and repetitive aspects of your job, and refocus your efforts toward a larger vulnerability management strategy.


Make the most of your limited resources

We know that security teams are often too understaffed and underequipped to fully address the mountain of tasks in front of them. By automating mundane, repeatable tasks—such as applying patches to known vulnerabilities—and utilizing your existing systems management tools (like IBM BigFix or Microsoft SCCM), you extract greater strategic value from the resources you do have.

Take your vulnerability management program from tactical to strategic

As automated workflows give you back time previously spent on day-to-day (perhaps hour-to-hour) line items, you gain the opportunity to focus on more strategic objectives, like long-term plans for risk reduction across the corporate IT network.

Control workflows as much—or as little—as you want

Automation doesn't have to imply a lack of control or flexibility. Automation-Assisted Patching in InsightVM can still give you the autonomy to make key decisions in your patching process, such as your approval to apply certain patches to certain vulnerabilities.

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