What can you do with automation and orchestration?

Connect Your Tools

Seamlessly connect all your existing security tools with our library of plugins, or import your own plugins. By connecting your tools, it's possible to have an integrated, extensible security infrastructure that communciates better for a fully orchestrated security ecosystem.

Build Dynamic Workflows

Create powerful machine-to-machine security automation with connect-and-go workflows—no code necessary. The Komand building blocks make it easy to construct workflows anytime, anywhere, with any skill level.

Utilize Human Decisions

Automate manual, time-consuming processes without giving up decision-making power. Add human decision points to the automation workflow and empower your team to provide expert insight when it's most needed when responding to security threats.

Respond to Threats Faster

Komand plugs into your existing tools and automates enrichment tasks to identify suspicious malware, domains, and other indicators. Automated escalation processes will empower your team to respond to threats faster, with more detailed analysis.

Save Time and Energy

Komand's security automation and orchestration platform enables teams to automate time-intensive security processes, without a single line of code. Gain more value from your security tools and give your team the information they need to analyze and respond to security events faster than ever before.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Komand streamlines repetitive, manual security processes into cohesive and automated workflows. As a result, your team can focus their efforts and expertise where it's needed most in the business. You'll go from overwhelmed to operating at maximum efficiency in no time.

Security Automation Best Practices

To help your team find success with automation, we developed an eBook on security automation best practices. It covers everything from when to bring in automation, which processes to automate and how, and criteria for building or buying a security automation solution.

Whitepaper: The ROI of Security Automation and Orchestration

Security automation and orchestration is on the fast track to maturity, and with teams poised to implement this technology, the question about return on investment often comes up. This whitepaper will cover the manual cost of security operations and explain the cost savings possibilities.