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  • Nexpose: Reduce your risk of a breach


    Rapid7 has skilled resources ready to help you get the most out of Nexpose. Whether you need deployment assistance, help running the software, technical support or expert guidance on your overall security program, we are here to assist.

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    Product Deployment Services

    Our technical product experts help you start out right

    Whether you're looking for a quick and painless Nexpose deployment or you need an enterprise level implementation, we want Nexpose to be a success for your organization. Our consultants focus on the fundamentals of Nexpose, share their deep knowledge and relate vital, real–world intelligence about product best practices. Our goal is to make sure you benefit from our security services experience and proven deployment methods–you'll get the know–how necessary to quickly and easily manage day–to–day operations and drive toward more strategic organizational goals.

    Start Strong: Nexpose Rapid Deployment (3 days)

    Attain meaningful results. Our standard 3–day Rapid Deployment is geared toward getting "quick wins" for your security team by focusing on quality product implementation, basic process integration, knowledge transfer and day–to–day operations. Get off the ground quickly with:

    • Architecture Review
    • Rack, Stack and Install
    • Best Practices Review and Alignment
    • Stakeholder Education, Discussion & Demonstration
    • As–Built Guide
    Service Brief: Nexpose Deployment Menu 

    Stay Sharp: Nexpose Health Check (2 days)

    Recommended for our existing customers, Rapid7's Nexpose Health Check is an in–depth review of your current Nexpose deployment that culminates with detailed documentation that provides not only a snapshot of today's implementation, but also recommendations on how best to extend and leverage the product to achieve dynamic business goals.

    • Architecture Review
    • Best Practices Review and Alignment
    • Performance Testing and Deployment Tuning
    • Standard 3rd party Integrations
    • Stakeholder Education, Discussion & Demonstration
    • As–Built Guide
    Service Brief: Nexpose 2-Day Health Check 

    Nexpose Enterprise Deployment Package

    Our Enterprise Deployment Package (EDP) is designed to drive maximum security–posture insight and consumable, integrated results through vulnerability management. Primary goals of this service include:

    • Create an automated and scalable vulnerability scanning method
    • Leverage an existing vulnerability management solution
    • Provide actionable insight and metrics to your technical security team
    • Report consumable results to senior leadership and stakeholders
    • Measure program value and success over time
    Service Brief: Enterprise Deployment Package 

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    Managed Services

    Let us run it for you

    Rapid7's Managed Services team helps you leverage your security program investment by handling the operational requirements for you. Our vulnerability management services offer regular assessments and concise reporting, which supports your organization's higher productivity and saves you time and money.

    We're here to help you with:

    Regular network assessments – Regularly–scheduled audits focused on specific areas of infrastructure and compliance need. Benefit from quarterly business reviews with management to discuss the health and status of your Vulnerability Management program.

    Targeted scanning and reporting – Focused scanning and reporting on infrastructure areas (internal, external, web application, database, etc.) or compliance specific to your organization. Reports can be role–based and incorporate asset and vulnerability filters.

    Unlimited report generation – Delivered reports of executive summary, technical details, baseline comparison, remediation reports, and limited customized reports, as your organization requires.

    Security controls and remediation – Access to a reporting dashboard providing insight into the effectiveness of your mitigating controls and remediation analytics.

    Program Success Scorecard – Monitor the success of your security program with a metric–driven scorecard based on your own program goals. You'll also get a quarterly Rapid7 collaborative review to ensure program success.

    Project management and consultation – Guidance on vulnerability mitigation and prioritization based on the attacker's mindset.

    Vulnerability analysis – Validation provides impact–driven confirmation to help you prioritize and make informed decisions on your prioritized remediation plan through review of checks for accuracy, categorizing data by discovery method and verifying vulnerable versions of software.

    Optional support upgrades – Additional support options if you own and manage your own vulnerability management program. Opt for standard support from experts or Super Support for 24/7 access to a dedicated security resource.

    Service Brief: Nexpose Managed Services 

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    Perimeter Scanning Services

    Increase visibility of your external security posture

    Rapid7 offers a variety of hosted services to solve your perimeter scanning requirements. These services can be purchased independently or in conjunction with an on premise Nexpose deployment, depending on your needs.

    Shared Hosted Engine

    Conduct external scanning with a Nexpose Scanning Engine deployed in the Rapid7 private cloud, used in conjunction with a multiple clients / shared, on–premise console.

    Dedicated Hosted Engine

    Conduct external scanning with a Nexpose Scanning Engine deployed in the Rapid7 private cloud, used in conjunction with your own, dedicated, on–premise console.

    ASV Service

    Satisfy PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2 for external ASV scans with our Nexpose based scanning service hosted in the Rapid7 private cloud.

    Learn more about our PCI compliance solutions 

    EVA Service

    Set up a "self–service" scanning of your perimeter with our Nexpose based scanning service hosted in the Rapid7 private cloud.

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