Automated Actions in Nexpose 6, New Adaptive Security Feature

October 09, 2015

In this week's Feature Friday. Eray Yilmaz, Senior Product Manager at Rapid7, will show you how our new automated actions feature works in Nexpose 6.

Automated actions allows you to automate scans based off of defined triggers. While most people have scheduled scans during non-business hours, it is tough for security teams to really understand all of the assets on their network, the vulnerabilities associated with those assets, and where they are most vulnerable. This new feature fixes this problem by allowing Nexpose to scan assets automatically, outside of scheduled scans based on certain criteria.

There are three main use cases for automated actions. The first use case is to have Nexpose scan any new asset is detected. The second use case is to have Nexpose scan any known asset that authenticates to your network. The third use case is to have Nexpose scan your environment when a new vulnerability check is available and the vuln meets a certain criteria (Example: Scan my network when any vuln with a CVSS score of 9 or above is available).

If you are interested, you can give Nexpose a try. Download a free 14-day trial today.

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