Security Nation Episode 16:

Deception Inception, LLC

October 28, 2016

Justin Pagano, Information Security Lead at Rapid7, heads onto Security Nation to talk with both host Kyle Flaherty and Matt Hathaway about deception technologies. What are they? What do they do? How do they help? And how you can get started today. "Deception" is in danger of becoming yet another security buzzword, but the group tries to rein it in and talk practical uses around:

  • Deploying honeypots, honey users, honey creds, and more
  • Using old tokens or user accounts as honey users
  • What to look for from these deception technologies and how it can help reduce risk
  • Kyle's startup idea gets floated and sunk in the span of 45 seconds

About Security Nation Podcast

Security Nation is a podcast dedicated to covering all things infosec – from what’s making headlines to practical tips for organizations looking to improve their own security programs. Host Kyle Flaherty (@KyleFlaherty) has been knee–deep in the security sector for nearly two decades. At Rapid7 he leads a team of technical marketers with the mission of providing impactful content that helps security professionals do their jobs.

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