Security Nation Episode 15:

Detections, Deceptions, and Analytics by Any Other Name

October 15, 2016

Episode 15 is all about detections, analytics, machine learning, behaviors, and why the definitions around these matter. During the pod, Kyle talks with Matt Hathaway about what analytics actually means, what data is the most important, whether the size of your library of analytics truly matters, and Emmett from Road House.

  • When someone is tricking your Windows machines into sharing credentials via NETbios server poisoning
  • Why turning on EMET might be the best thing you can do in your Windows environment
  • Which deceptions work best and how to make them matter
  • Why Matt talking about Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation gives Kyle a headache

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Security Nation is a podcast dedicated to covering all things infosec – from what’s making headlines to practical tips for organizations looking to improve their own security programs. Host Kyle Flaherty (@KyleFlaherty) has been knee–deep in the security sector for nearly two decades. At Rapid7 he leads a team of technical marketers with the mission of providing impactful content that helps security professionals do their jobs.

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