Using Dynamic Asset Groups in Nexpose to Report and Analyze Vulnerabilities within Certain Asset Groups

A major problem that security pros run into when running vulnerability management programs is not having the ability to scan and report on specific asset groups. What do I mean by this? Well what happened when your boss asked you how your organization was impacted by Heartbleed? Or what happens when your boss asks you to run a report on only your Windows assets? There are a lot of tools out there that make you do a full vulnerability scan and manually parse through the findings to see how you are affected by this vulnerability. With Nexpose, we allow you to create dynamic asset groups and only scan and report on these asset groups. This allows you to be much more efficient and tactical. Watch this video to learn more.

Nexpose helps you:

  • Understand your network
  • Prioritize and manage your risk effectively
  • Simply your compliance effort

Video Transcript