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    Security doesn't come easy, and it shouldn't be your wallet that decides over whether you can protect your data. That's why Rapid7 makes community editions of its security software available to download for free. In addition, we have some great free security tools you can use on your smart phone or in your browser.

    Nexpose / Vulnerability Management

    Get your free vulnerability scanner for small organizations or individual use.

    free download

    Metasploit / Penetration Testing

    Get your free download of the world's leading penetration testing tool.

    free download

    AppSpider / Web Application Security

    Get your free trial of the dynamic application security testing tool.

    free trial

    InsightIDR / Detection and Response

    Schedule your guided demo of InsightIDR to speed up investigations.

    free demo

    InsightUBA / User Behavior Analytics

    Schedule your guided demo of InsightUBA to detect and investigate.

    free demo

    Logentries / Log Management

    Centralize, search and monitor all your log data from any environment.

    Free Trial

    Metasploitable Vulnerable Machine

    Test Metasploit with this virtual machine based on Linux that contains several intentional vulnerabilities for you to exploit.
    Free download

    SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

    Includes the attack strings and commands as well as default usernames and passwords for the five most common databases.
    Free download

    Injection Cheat Sheet

    This simple one pager details all the syntax and commands necessary to hack an application with any of the injection attacks.
    Free download

    SQL Invader

    Exploit or demonstrate SQL injection vulnerabilities within your web applications.
    Free download