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  • Product and Service Briefs

    Rapid7 InsightIDR

    Rapid7 InsightIDR Product Brief

    Rapid7 InsightIDR gets you from compromise to containment – fast. It finds the attacker on your network, speeds investigations, and ends data collection and management drudgery.

    Logentries Product Brief

    Logentries Product Brief

    Logentries by Rapid7 is the easiest way to centralize logs in real-time and analyze machine data so you can get answers to your security and operations questions quickly.

    Rapid7 Security Advisory Services Brief

    Security Advisory Services

    Rapid7's threat-focused program assessment and development services are tailor-made to make your organization's security program relevant, actionable, and sustainable.

    Rapid7 Penetration Testing Services

    Penetration Testing Services

    Rapid7’s Penetration Testing Services team delivers network, application, wireless, social engineering and boutique engagements to demonstrate the security level of your organization’s key systems and infrastructure.

    Rapid7 Cyber Security Services

    Rapid7 Cyber Security Services

    Comprised of top professionals who understand the attacker mindset, the Rapid7 Global Services team helps organizations accelerate security improvement through industry-leading methodologies and risk prioritization to reduce cyber-attack vulnerabilities.

    Rapid7 AppSpider Overview Product Brief

    Rapid7 Nexpose Product Brief

    Nexpose gives you the confidence you need to understand your attack surface, focus on what matters, and create better security outcomes.

    Rapid7 Insight Agent Brief

    Rapid7 Insight Agent Technology Brief

    The Rapid7 Insight Agent ensures your security team has real-time visibility into all of your assets beyond the perimeter, when they're most at risk.

    Rapid7 Metasploit Overview Product Brief

    Rapid7 Metasploit Product Brief

    Metasploit, backed by a community of 200,000 users and contributors, gives you that insight. It’s the most impactful penetration testing solution on the planet. With it, uncover weaknesses in your defenses, focus on the highest risks, and improve your security outcomes.

    Rapid7 AppSpider Overview Product Brief

    Rapid7 AppSpider Overview Product Brief

    Application Assessment for the Modern World - Discover security holes in even the most complex applications.

    Rapid7 AppSpider Enterprise OnDemand Product Brief

    AppSpider Enterprise OnDemand

    AppSpider OnDemand leverages the sophisticated scanning technology of Rapid7’s AppSpider Pro, combined with the AppSpider Enterprise centralized management and control functionality, to deliver a fully automated experience with accurate results.

    AppSpider Quick Start Services  Brief

    AppSpider Quick Start Services Brief

    Rapid7’s Deployment Services help you maximize the value of your investment in AppSpider Pro, Enterprise, or OnDemand. Throughout the implementation process you will be given guidance to help you reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize ROI by aligning your deployment configuration parameters, processes, and reporting to meet best practices.

    Closed-Loop Vulnerability Validation

    Rapid7 Closed-Loop Vulnerability Validation Solution Brief

    Only Rapid7 offers closed-loop vulnerability validation with Metasploit Pro, built on the world's most used penetration testing software, and Nexpose Enterprise, our vulnerability management solution.

    Rapid7 Nexpose with VMware NSX

    Rapid7 Nexpose with VMware NSX

    This solution brief provides an overview of Rapid7's joint solution with VMware. It describes how Rapid7's Nexpose integrates with VMware NSX virtualization and security platform.

    Rapid7 Training & Implementation Product Brief

    Rapid7 Training & Implementation Product Brief

    This product brief provides and overview of the training and implementation services offered by Rapid7 Professional Services. It describes the course objectives, schedule and requirements.