Security Nation Episode 13:

Sales and Security Buyers — A Love Story?

October 06, 2016

On this episode of Security Nation, we look at an often ignored part of the security industry: the sales people and processes that drive our companies. Host Kyle Flaherty sat down with John Greene, sales manager at Rapid7, to discuss:

  • How customers can work better, and demand more, from the sales people they talk to
  • The challenges sales teams face to combat the noise being made by an extremely loud industry
  • Why building a true customer relationship is sometimes more about NOT selling something to the customer
  • Some broad misconceptions about sales people

About Security Nation Podcast

Security Nation is a podcast dedicated to covering all things infosec – from what’s making headlines to practical tips for organizations looking to improve their own security programs. Host Kyle Flaherty (@KyleFlaherty) has been knee–deep in the security sector for nearly two decades. At Rapid7 he leads a team of technical marketers with the mission of providing impactful content that helps security professionals do their jobs.

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