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  • Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions
    chooses ControlsInsight to Assess and Monitor Endpoint Security

    Chad Currier, IT Infrastructure Director at Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, explains why Rapid7 ControlsInsight has made a big impact on his day–to–day security operations, and describes his favorite product features, including the ControlsInsight dashboard and meaningful scoring metrics. Already a Nexpose and Metasploit customer, Chad details why he recommends ControlsInsight to his peers that need easy–to–understand visibility and simple reporting into their security.

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    When we first began the Rapid 7 Controls Insight program, we were excited. We're a small IT shop that doesn't have a lot of time to dig through all the different tools that it takes to build metrics that are meaningful for us to report it to our executives. This tool was a one stop shop for us to come in and pull all the metrics that we would need as well as build our blueprints for our action plans on how we would improve our security posture within our organization.

    I'm most impressed with the landing page. And it's a drive by, real quick snapshot of where your security posture is. On the main page, we get our assets that are high-risk. So that allows us to go in a take immediate action on those workstations and makes a difference and do something about those. It also gives up our overall score on a sliding scale of one to ten. I was talking with some folks today and it was important that executives get what one through ten is. They understand what a six out of ten is and understand what a seven out of ten is. And sometimes with our security scores and some of our other products, they don't understand the scoring system that we use with one of those.

    Traditionally with our information security program, we've really struggled with how do we get to the next level? How do we improve our security posture throughout our organization? And really button down our controls. We've struggled with it but with Controls Insight we've really been allowed to use a product that shows us, step by step, what we need to do. It also gives us an immediate score. If we do step A, your score will go from six to six point four.

    So, we've been able to make action plans based off of the data that we've been able to pull. I've been able to enter tickets in for our technicians that directly impact our risk throughout our organization. It allows them to, with the detail that's included in the product, it allows them to understand why it's important. There's that level of detail in the product. So they can read about why it's important that we're doing this stuff.

    Controls Insight will absolutely change the way that we do business. It provides me with a real time snapshot or where we stand as well as an action plan of steps we can take to improve our security posture. Our day to day security plan will essentially be built for us in a how to guide through this product.

    I would, yeah, absolutely. I'm a fan of the product. I think it's going to make a big impact certainly with organizations of my size, that run lean teams. It allows us a cheat sheet, if you will, of how we improve our security posture.

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