Mar 5, 2014

Why a Layered Security Approach is the Key to Successful Security Programs

In today's Whiteboard Wednesday, Bill Bradley, Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7, will discuss the topic, "Why a Layered Security Approach is the Key to Successful Security Programs".

Watch this video to learn what it means to have a layered approach to security and how it can help you achieve your company's security goals. Bill discusses the types of tools that you should consider when building a layered security program.

Learn how our range of tools helps you achieve a successful security program.

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Hi, I'm Bill Bradley with Rapid7 Product Marketing. I wanted to talk to you today about a layered security approach. This topic came to me on a recent trip down to Austin.

As I got in my car and drove into the airport, the first thing I saw was a sign that said "All vehicles subject to search". Sure enough, Terminal B parking, they opened my trunk and looked inside. I go into the terminal, the next thing I do, I go to the security line. They checked my boarding pass, checked my ID, and looked at everything. Ok, you can pass. The next step is the actual physical checkpoint where I go through the X-rays, I go through the metal detectors. This layered approach to security each has an individual level of detection. All of these together aggregate into the overall security that helps keep our flights safe. Here at Rapid7, we use a similar layered approach to our security, starting with the overall vulnerability management.

Really, how secure is your overall digital infrastructure? Next, penetration testing. This tool allows you to throw some darts at your own team and see are we able to prevent attacks as they come to our organization and really defend against them? User-deception: is everyone out there in our network who they say they are? Are they trying to access information they should be accessing? From a control standpoint, what are the different tools out there that we have in place to ensure that our digital assets, our digital infrastructure is secured out there? Here at Rapid7 we use this layered and aggregated approach to really help protect your organization. In the physical security world, it is a critical part of what keeps our nation safe. In the digital security world, it is a critical portion of what keeps your organization safe out there. Thanks for joining me today. Please join us next week for the next Whiteboard Wednesday.

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