Incident Response Services

​Accelerate your incident investigation and containment.

Death. Taxes. Incident response. Yup—it’s come to that. And yet, despite the inevitability, most organizations won’t commit to the talent and tools necessary to properly investigate and contain incidents. And those who have been able to develop an in-house incident response program are often distracted by other responsibilities, or foiled by outdated approaches to IR or poor abilities to document, report and communicate incidents.


Rapid7 Incident Response services give you access to the experience and technical expertise you need to accelerate your incident investigation and containment. Our teams will work closely with your in-house teams to cover every stage of incident response, from analysis and detection right on through containment, remediation, and cleanup.

Has Your Network Been Compromised?

Contact our Incident Response Services team for immediate assistance. Need help right now? Call us at 1-844-RAPID-IR.

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Experienced teams

Rapid7's expert incident responders have conducted over 2,000 incident responses and have experience in responding to compromises of all sizes and severity. They complement their backgrounds in threat and network forensics and malware analysis with Rapid7–specific technology for rapid analysis and incident scoping.

Rapid and complete response

From response through remediation and clean–up, you'll have a single point of contact who is ultimately responsible for coordinating, communicating, and reporting on every aspect of incident response activity. Our incident response services include all aspects of threat detection, documenting findings, and collaborating to devise appropriate remediation activities.


Service Brief: Threat Simulation - Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

Learn how prepared and protected your organization is in the face of threats with Rapid7 Threat Simulation: Tabletop Exercises (TTX), conducted by industry veterans.

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Flexible retainer agreements

Incident response retainers offer customers the ability to engage skilled personnel rapidly in the event of a compromise. Customers who have engaged Rapid7 for incident response services will be contacted within one hour by an engagement manager to plan an approach. We will begin remote technical work in investigating the compromise within 24 hours, and onsite investigations within 48 hours. Rapid7 goes beyond traditional retainers by offering customers the ability to convert a portion of their pre–purchased hours to evaluate their business, existing capabilities, and classification of relevant assets, users, and data.


A Decade of Incident Response: IDR Evolution and Evaluation

With the evolving threat landscape, attacker maturity and motivators have changed extensively over the past decade, forcing security professionals to evaluate everything about their program, from people and process to solutions and services. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

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Service Brief: Incident Response Services

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