Incident Response Program Development Services

Develop an incident response plan focused on threat detection and response.

Want top-notch threat detection and incident response capabilities? Then you need a top-notch program to support them. Rapid7's Incident Response Program Development service will help you determine the people, process, and technology necessary to ensure your organization can move with speed and purpose in the event of an incident.

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Know what's working (and what could work better)

We'll kick things off with a thorough security audit of your existing incident response processes and tools, and provide a scorecard highlighting your areas of strength and weakness. By the end of the assessment phase, you'll understand how your current incident response plan stacks up against best practices and see where you need to up your game.

Make measurable progress

Applying what we discovered in our assessment, we'll develop a new incident response plan that includes guidance on prioritization, technical response, and communications plans. Rapid7 can also work with you to create a roadmap detailing your current and future state with actionable steps to achieve your program goals. Our teams have experience working with organizational leaders to select the appropriate tools and technology and building the collateral to help these leaders champion effective incident response plans to the broader organization.

Put your incident response plan to the test

You know that dream where you're the star of the play, but don't know any of your lines (and also aren't wearing pants for some reason)? Forget it. We'll work with your breach response teams to adequately rehearse your incident response plan via one or more incident response simulations, ensuring they're ready for the spotlight when the time comes.

To continue putting your defenses to the test on a regular basis, consider using Rapid7's penetration testing services quarterly or annually.


A Decade of Incident Response: IDR Evolution and Evaluation

With the evolving threat landscape, attacker maturity and motivators have changed extensively over the past decade, forcing security professionals to evaluate everything about their program, from people and process to solutions and services. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

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