InsightAppSec Certified Specialist

Course Description

Manage risk for the web applications that play such a vital role in your business. Configure and schedule InsightAppSec Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scans to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your organization. Cybersecurity professionals attending this course will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Apply OWASP methodology to detect commonly exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Scope scanning efforts for optimal value and performance
  • Analyze results to validate findings
  • Prioritize remediation efforts
  • Automate and orchestrate to build efficiencies in your remediation workflows

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classes

  • Our classrooms are designed to optimize the learner’s experience, and achieve the greatest outcomes for your web application security program.
  • Instructor-led sessions delivered via Zoom sessions allow learners to attend training from any location (with access to the internet)
  • Practical lab environments made available during training enable an experiential learning experience; creates a safe place to learn
  • Class size restricted to ensure each student receives the coaching they need to succeed
  • Courses include one attempt to get certified by taking the InsightAppSec Certified Specialist exam (additional attempts must be purchased separately)

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